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JOKE LAWAL & Her Style

JOKE Lawal is an actress who has got style.
She has a lovely look and has a very nice fashion style that makes you take a second look at her.
"I am me. I am simply Joke Lawal. I am an actress. I am drama free. I don't take the shot from anybody," she explains. I don't get bothered over anyone's opinion about me. l am always on my lane."

What determines what she wears to parties? "My mood, I am a lively person. l like it Simple and classy. "

She has acted in over 20 movies. She has also produced one. She started acting since she was in secondary school. She joined a group under ANTP in 2010. "But I wasn't very serious with it then" she says. After her ND programme at Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic, she decided to go into it fully. Today she has made a success of it.

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  1. Was expecting to see the titles of one or two movies she featured in especially the one she produced so one could watch her performance.