Tuesday, 12 March 2019


Talk of one lady who is so meticulous about whatever she wears and her name will pop up instantly.  Give it to this pretty woman, she is always on point whenever she steps out to parties. She is meticulous. 

All those who know her,  will tell you that this Akure, Ondo State born lady is a damn good dresser. But this beautiful woman is usually modest about it. She is blessed with a lovely skin that glows. CP Online asked her recently, what informs her Style?  “It’s my mood”, she says. “And the occasion dictates what I wear. I’m a simple person and won’t at any point overdress.  I think I’m moderate in my styles.

What’s her line of business? “I do corporate Services & Events. Even at that, I’m not a party freak I’m a very shy person, but I love to dress well.”
Does she have designers that design for her? “I design myself. Whatever you see on me is designed by me. I only employ the service of a good Tailor that makes them… every other little detail will be added by me. I do that because I am hard to please, style wise. You can hardly please me when it comes to designs… I pay attention to every little detail much more than my tailor will do.

Many say I am too meticulous. My siblings say so too. But I don’t care. I spend more doing it my way. But it’s all good. As long as I’m satisfied.”
“You know how it feels when you have loads of clothes damaged by tailors… Once it’s not well made, I dump it. I love my outfits to be nice. I don’t see them as something out of the ordinary, but as long as it fits and not too loud, I love it”.

She also has a nice carriage. How did she develop that? “That has to do with my background. I’m from a modest family. Raised by disciplinarian Evangelists. Though from a royal family, the only legacy left for us is the Word of God…. So there’s so much simplicity in my family.


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