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How TOMI ADEBAYO Turns Heads @ Parties

She is beautiful. She is stylish. And she has got a good carriage. She is also blessed with a full body that gives her confidence and Style. She has a great sense of presence and grace.

That is the story of Tomiwa Adebayo an easy going Lagos big babe who is doing well in business. She is quiet and not loud. She is also decent and highly principled. She believes hardwork pays.

That is why she works hard and when she chooses to unwind with her set of friends she takes time off to chill a little. Because she is beautiful and always on point whenever she steps into a party all heads turn in her direction on account of her Style. Don't blame those who look. There is just no way you will see Tomi and not take a 2nd,3rd and 4th look at her from head to toe.

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