Thursday, 14 March 2019


Folakemi Alabi is a successful Lagos businesswoman. She has been in business for years. She is hardworking. She is industrious. And very enterprising. She is also very fashionable and stylish. She is one Plus Size lady who carries herself well. She never fails to tell all Plus Size women to be proud of their curvy shape.

City People asked her to tell us what informs her fashion style. “Its all about Simplicity. I am a very simple person and an African woman to the core. I like to be simple, but classy. Oh yes! I am on the big side, but I am curvy too. I like the sexy feel being big gives”. How challenging has it been, fashion wise, for Plus Size ladies? How can Plus Size ladies carve out, or, create styles for themselves? “I don’t see being a Plus Size as a challenge. I see it as an asset. I feel blessed being a Plus SizeGod has been good, so good to me. He made me tempting and inviting on all sides...I am so proud of myself”, she revealed.

So, how does she create styles that will flatter her sexy body? Does she design her clothes herself or does she make use of designers? “My style is simple. Believe me, I do Iro Buba with my Gele and I am good to go. I create my own designs myself...I am so bold and have got a lot of confidence in myself”.

What does she do for a living? “I am into fashion...I was for many years a trader in Alade Market in Ikeja, Lagos. I was at the main Alade market, on Allen Avenue for 15 years. I was into fabrics and leather accessories.” What now happened? “The main Alade Market was demolished. After the demolition, I was like grounded. That demolition grounded me financially. I was unable to secure my leather accessories which was my major area of specialisation. I sat back and concluded that anything I will do will be from my country and I started working with Ankara”.

“I now started putting Blings, making them look different and dressy. Because I am somebody who put so many things to consideration regarding my Size and fashion, I restricted myself to shift dresses. I go simple n classy on my clothes but I go all the way on my beautiful face n skin. I can tell you my Plus Size shift dresses represent...Hitting it right. Fat ladies like me are proud of me...while our regular women out there compliment me and they tell me, Eyinju, you are always sexy”.

Truly so. She has a set of eyeballs that attracts attention to her. Her big eyeballs add to her beauty. She has also kept her natural skin colour. Not for her toning up, or, Bleaching. “Never,” she says. “To Bleach? No way. mum is still alive ooo.

And my pastor, Wole Oladiyun is still preaching the gospel. They must not hear that Folakemi is into bleaching. I maintain and polish my skin with organic products that I produce. Many talk about my eye balls. Yes, my eyeballs are a gift from God...I told you God has been so good to me. ...My names are Oluwafolakemi Eyinju Eledumare Abiodun. I was born on 1st January.” Am I not truly lucky?

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