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In Abuja he is big. Up North he is big. In the South-South he is equally big, not to talk about East and South West. That is the story of Abuja based businessman, Otunba Muyiwa Ibeun who was honoured at the 3rd coronation anniversary of Oba of Igbobi Sabe, HRM Alaiyeluwa Oba Owolabi Adeyemi Adeniyi in Lagos.

What made many people take a 2nd look at this successful Oil & Gas big boy at that event was because of the unique all silvery white short Agbada, Buba and spiky shoes he had on that day. All his accessories, from his long necklace, that hard a round Apesin pendant, rings, bracelets, wristwatch all came in rich silver. He looked very stylish in his outfit. On that day, Muyiwa Ibefun was made the Apesin of Igbobi Sabe, Lagos by the Oba and he had all the rite of passage done by Oba Adeniyi.

Though Otunba Ibeun, who is also the Otunba of Isinland in Kwara State looked like a socialite in the midst of all the celebrities who stormed the event to celebrate with him and the other honorees, we can tell you authoritatively that this young businessman is too serious-minded to be one. This is because 24/7, Ibeun is consumed by his job. Even while he was at the coronation ceremony, he was getting minute by minute briefing from his aides on the field, as he kept dishing out instructions. Even at the recent birthday of his mum he stood out in his outfit. He likes to make fashion statements with what he wears.

For those who don’t know this ruggedly handsome guy, let’s quickly tell you a bit about this big time businessman who has his fingers in very many pies from Oil, to Haulage, Properties, Construction, and Consultancy Business. He plays big in contraction services.

And over the last 6 years, he has been involved in very many high net worth projects across the 36 states of the federation. Popularly called OMI, he presides over Muib Group of Companies Limited.

Incorporated on April 2010, MUIBGroup is one of Nigeria’s largest conglomerate organisations, with business interest in Petroleum (Upstream and Downstream) and other key sector of Nigeria’s Economy.

Drawing on the knowledge and skills of more than 60 seasoned and experienced experts across the 36 states of the federation, Ibeun’s company has built relationship by providing services based on quality and integrity.
Muib Group is the parent company of all his companies. 

They are Muib Management Consult Limited, Muib Transport Limited, Muib Properties Limited, and Muib Oil & Gas Limited. Muib Group is into Construction & Engineering Procurement, Planning, Design, Erection, Improvement, Repairs, Upgrade/Alteration, Maintenance and Decommissioning of Engineering Assets in Civic, Manufacturing and Petroleum/Energy Sector of the Economy.

How did Muyiwa Ibeun build Muib Group into the conglomerate it is today? How does he balance running his business with socials and the homefront? These and many more were the questions City People asked Ibeun not too long ago and we found Ibeun to be a businessman who is on top of his game. His years working for government had given a good grounding in understanding how government organisationswork.

How did he feel when he was made the new Apesin of Igbobi-Sabe?

“I felt very happy, but it is my 2nd Chieftaincy title. I was made the Otunba of Isinland before now. I invited the King to the event that Sunday. I came into the hall with Oba Dr. Solomon Oloyede, the Oba of Isinland. He is the Olusin of Isinland.
I also came in with the Odundun of Iragbiji from Osun State, I came in with 2 kids yesterday. I am also from the royal family in Kogi State. I am from Mopa in Kogi State. So the royal thing has always been there. You can see the representatives of my King there too. The basic thing in life is to appreciate being honoured. It is an evidence of who you are and how well people appreciate you.”

He has recorded a lot of successes in business. How does that make him feel?

“It makes me feel humble because I don’t believe you can ever be smart enough for any achievement. It’s only God that grants success. People only make efforts. Other things depend on the favour of God. My belief has always been absolutely in God.

I was speaking with the Hon. Minister for Works Power & Housing the other day. I have never visited him in the office. I am the General Secretary of Association of Indigenous Contractors in Nigeria. I just saw the press release. The only project he made mentions in the whole of North East Zone happens to be my project, as his achievement and priority.

It makes me really humble and I thank him. That is the Wukari-Akwana Road in Taraba State, as his road construction project I felt humbled that we are being recognised with our work.

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