Sunday, 17 March 2019

5 Golden Rules For Plus Size Women Revealed!!!!

Joko Adeusi is a leading fashion designer and a city clothier who runs EVE Extra, a fashion store for plus size women who desire to be stylish. Recently, she revealed to City People Online Fashion the Golden Rules all Plus Size Women must follow to help them look good.

The golden rules are as follows: -5 Golden rules of plus size fashion.

1. Never wear tight body hogging cloths.

2. Black colours give you a slimming effect. Do more of blacks.

3. Avoid outfits with vertical dimensions, they make you look fatter & wider than normal, go for outfits with horizontal dimensions this gives you a slimming effect and also make you look taller.

4. Giant flowery patterns are a No-No for plus size women, they make you look bigger and wider & very clumsy.

5. Kaftans are a must have in your fashion collection, they help you hide all the curves and still give you a very elegant look.
I went into Clothing business cause of my passion for looking good. Back then it was so hard as a plus size person to get trendy clothes. So I decided to start it.

For plus size cause, 99.9% of the Boutiques in Lagos don’t store plus size clothing. Most of them think plus size clothing ends at a size 22. There are bigger people who need to look trendy as well. So I carter for up to US size 32 clients.

Eve Xtra is a Plus size Shop for plus size people with Sizes from US 16w- 32w, we also do personal shopping for a lot of HNI ( High Net worth Individuals), we help as wardrobe consultants, we style for plus size people and we can source any high-end product from any part of the world jewelry included.

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