Monday, 25 February 2019


She is an Abuja based public servant. But she stands out all the time, on account of her dressing. She likes to dress well, whether she is in her native outfits or haute couture designer outfits. From Mondays to Fridays, she is always in uniform. She works with the Customs Service. Even in her uniform she looks sweet. It fits her. She is a good advertisement for her place of work.

She always looks smart in her uniform. She is a practising muslim and once she flashes a smile, you will immediately see her Gold teeth and you will know she is an Hajia. But she is also a socialite and her nick name is Ajoke Gbajumon.

When City People asked her what informs her dressing, she said it’s the event she is meant to attend that dictates what she wears. “For most of my dressing if not all,  I usually cover my body. I love to play with fabrics. I love lacy fabrics, but I also wear ankara too, and other fabrics,” she explained.

Nike is very intelligent. She is hardworking. She is beautiful and a Classic lady. She is humble and forever smiling. But don’t be carried away. She is a no nonsense babe.

She doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Alhaja Nike Nafisat Balogun aka Ajoke Gbajumon was recently turbanned as Imole Adinni and Ummul Hari in Islam of Zasfat International Asalat. It took place on Sunday 27th January, 2019. Friends and family members came together to rejoice with her at this grand event.

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