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Ogun Big Babe, Kafayat Yetunde Lawal’s Fashion Style REVEALED!

She is a big girl who is doing well in the clothing business in Abeokuta. Kafayat Yetunde Lawal is into Adire (Kampala), the Egba (Yoruba) indigenous attire. She sells other imported fabrics like lace, wool, etc. But beyond the fact that she sells fabrics, Kafayat is a good advertisement for what she does for a living. She is very fashionable.

And she is stylish also. She turns heads at functions on account of her dressing. She is blessed with a full figure that makes whatever she wears sit well on her. And she carries it well. That’s why when you see her at a function you will be compelled to look at her twice or thrice.

What informs what she wears, City People asked her a few days ago. “It is because I like to look good.

As we all know; Fashion is Life and Life is Fashion. It is good to dress the way you want to be addressed, not depending on the occasion, I always tend to dress elegant, yet simple.”  She always looks glamourous all the time. How does she achieve that all the time.?

“I thank you so much for the compliments. Looking good is a good business. However, I always choose the perfect outfit, for the perfect occasion, and that has helped me achieve that.”

“Why did she decide to go into selling fabrics? And since when has she been selling fabrics? What kind of fabrics does she sell?

“It runs in the family (if I may say). My mother was into making Adire ( Kampala ) and selling ; I  grew up with the name ( Iya Alaso),  just after my grandmother who was also into clothing business . So, I guess it runs in the family.” ‘Basically, Clothing is one of the 3 basic amenities for human, so it is important to wear not just clothes but good clothings” “I started selling fabrics fully in 2014, in which i have shop branches in Lagos and Abeokuta.  However, I deliver worldwide. Many of my customers are in Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East and also Africa.’ ‘I am into Adire ( Kampala ) it is the egba ( Yoruba ) indigenous attire , I sell other imported fabrics like lace , wool , etc”.

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