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Ibile Vogue Academy boss, Temitope Olanre-Alade is everything fashion. She sleeps, eats and drinks fashion. She is a fashion teacher, fashion lecturer, fashion designer and even a tailor, name it, all related to fashion. She has been into fashion all her life.

What does Style means to her? “Style is my unique way of expressing myself through fashion. Its individuality. My style is highly influenced by a strong sense of feminity and comfort. I’m naturally very girlish and so I like to express that feminity and it must be comfortable I don’t want to be in an outfit that doesn’t allow me to sit comfortably, laugh or dance.

“As I am evolving as a lady, over the years, my style obviously evolved but my love for the African fabric is unrepentant! This is simply because thats how I am wired. I just love being a girl! An African girl for that matter.

She is a fashion teacher and a fashion icon. How does she explain that? “Yes, I am a fashion education consultant...This means I am not just a lecturer. I build curriculums, set up schools, help worthy accreditation processes and procedures.

I am a fashion assessor and verifier with the London City and Guilds. I am the head of department with Peter Akinola Foundation and I run Wessy Vocational Institute both in Abeokuta. I also own Ibile Vogue Academy in Lagos. In all these you have a strong faculty team who work with the template I give them.”

“My clothing line is a Ready-to-wear line so it runs on auto-pilot! I have Managers who report to me. All I do is to supervise and direct. At a point, I had to shut down the Made to measure wing so that I can major in my area of strength which has paid off so far!! My favourite fashion quote is the secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear.

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