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Yeye Banke Adetoro  is a big fabric merchant who lives in London with her husband. They both run a big textile shop in the  city of London. It is called Royal Textiles situated in the ever busy Liverpool market. Both she and her husband have lived in London for 29 years. And they play big. They are both big socialites. They can’t but be socialites. When you sell lace fabrics to very many socialites across the world, you can’t but attend their parties. Recently, this pretty woman told City People Magazine about her fashion style and how she puts together whatever she wears. We spoke to her because she is a fashionista.

She is very stylish. She is fashionable too. She is a good advert for what she does for a living. What informs what she wears, we asked her? “I dress according to what is envogue and in style”, was her terse, but loaded reply. Is it because she’s into Textile business, we proved further?” “Of course, Yes. My husband and I run Royal Textiles in Liverpool Street”. How does she cope with the busy life of a socialite in London? “I try my best. You know you have to be tolerant of so many views. And I have the ability to listen to all sorts of people, even negative thinkers”. 

She has lived abroad for 29 years, what does she miss about Naija? “I don’t miss much because I come home frequently. But I miss living in Ibadan. I miss our rich culture heritage”. She and her husband are so close. How has she been able to sustain her marriage?” Being able to sustain our marriage has been through honesty, understanding and trust. What sort of a person is she?  “I can’t judge myself but all I know is that I am honest and a hard working woman”. 

We asked her to tell us a bit about the big brand called Banke Adetoro. Where was she born? Where did she grow up? “I was born at Popoyemoja in Ibadan. I grew up at Felele and Eleyele in Ibadan. When did she  relocate abroad? How has it been living in London? “I relocated to London in 1990....” She and her husband are so close. How did they meet and marry? “My husband and I met in Felele in Ibadan, while we were in secondary school.”

How did she become a fabric merchant in London? “Many don’t know, I started in Ibadan. I started learning about fabrics from my Sister and Mum at Gbagi Market in Ibadan, in the 80’s and I later moved to Lagos in the late 80’s. I started the Textile business with my husband in London....We opened a shop at Liverpool Street in 2002...My husband and I became one of the London fabric business gurus through hard work and focus on quality materials with avoidable and highly competitive prices.

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