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Joko Adeusi is a successful Lagos businesswoman who runs a popular clothing store across Lagos called Eve Extra. Her shop is unique in many ways because it caters for plus size women who often complain of not been able to get their size of clothes. Joko Adeusi is a former banker with FCMB. She was in Banking for 15 years before she resigned to work with Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode. She was on his campaign team before she left to face her clothing business. She is a good advertisement of what she does for a living.

She is Big, Bold and Beautiful and she spends a lot of her time these days helping  Big, Bold & Beautiful women look good. Why did she decide to do this? “I went into Clothing business because of my passion for looking good”, she told City People last week. “Back then, it was so hard as a Plus Size person to get trendy clothes. So, I decided to start it”. She started Eve Xtra in 2008 to cater to plus size women. “I cater for Plus size because 99.9% of the Boutiques in Lagos don’t store plus size clothing. Most of them think Plus size clothing ends at a Size 22. But there are bigger people who need to look trendy as well. So, I cater for up to U.S size 32 clients”.

She is blessed with a lovely skin also. Whats the secret of her glowing skin? “Everybody asks me that question. Everybody asks me about my skin. They say it glows. And I get lots of compliments about it  as well. Whats the secret? Do I know the seret? Is there really a secret? Well there is none. But I can tell you what I do. The secret is simple, if you want to call it a secret. I use creams that are from plant products. I drink a lot of water and I don’t stress myself about anything. I usually put all my worries behind me when I hit my bed. I don’t wear it as a badge. I am a happy child of God. No dull moments with me. I like happy people. And then I sleep. I sleep soundly. I am a deep sleeper. It helps. It helps your skin”.

“Why many women come to Eve Extra is because I give them Personal touch. I offer them personal service. I take up their Fashion Challenges like a doctor will take up his or her patients health challenge. Eve Extra has been designed by me to be a Plus Size Shop for Plus Size people with sizes from US 16w-32w. I am also a Plus Size, so I know what it is to be a plus size. We also do personal shopping for a lot of High Networth Individuals (HNI) at Eve Extra. I am happy consulting for them. I am happy helping them with their wardrobe. At Eve Extra we help as wardrobe consultants. We style for Plus Size people and we can source any high end product from any part of the world jewellery included. Just tell us your Plus Size challenge and I Joko Adeusi will fly abroad to help you fix the challenge.”

Aside Eve Extra, she is into foreign exchange business, to enable her stay in touch with banking. She does contracts too. Many do not know she studied Mass Communications at UNILAG and she came out tops. “But I won’t attribute my success to my efforts alone,” she says. “Of course everything is based on the Grace of God. I can’t do anything without Gods Grace.”

“For those who admire my skin, let me quickly add that a lazy person can’t achieve this skin tone. It entails having your bath every morning and night. It requires a lot of attention in the sense that you have to know when all you need is a good moisturiser or just body exfoliation or simply pampering your body”.

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